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How long does each therapy session last?
Each session usually lasts fifty minutes.

How many therapy sessions might I need?
This will be discussed and negotiated at our first meeting.

Will we meet at fixed weekly intervals?
This will be discussed and negotiated at our first meeting.

What about confidentiality?
Complete confidentiality is maintained regarding the content of therapy sessions. The only exception to this rule is where a client poses a risk to himself/herself or another person, which could require the intervention of a third party.

Do you charge for missed sessions?
Yes, where less than forty-eight hours notice is given. However, in other instances the matter will be discussed and agreed between client and therapist.

What happens if we unexpectedly bump into each other outside of the therapy room?
This would be discussed at the first meeting, at which time the client can decide how he/she wishes to handle this should such an encounter ever happen.

How much do you charge?
The fee charged is on a sliding scale according to ability to pay. The hourly rate starts at 45.00 for fifty minutes. Fees will be discussed and negotiated at the initial meeting.

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